An Experienced Professional

Jenni Merrifield has been specializing in interaction design and usability engineering for rich, responsive, internet, mobile and desktop applications for over 20 years. An advocate for the user and the diligent integration of user centered design methodology in software development, she has worked for companies of many different sizes across a wide range of industries.

Additional details of her experience and areas of expertise can be found in the About section.


Project Work Examples

This section contains examples of the UX Design work from a number of projects I have worked on over the course of my career. Each page includes some information about the project and images showing mockups, UI Design and screen shots (when available).

Please note that there are currently no examples of modern Website UI design in my portfolio because the professional projects I have worked on most recently have been data-intensive web applications rather than customer facing websites. I am, however, fully conversant in HTML5, CSS3, CSS compilers such as SASS and LESS, and javascript for the front-end. Although I have a personal preference for a more traditional website information architecture and layout (as this site shows), I am familiar with the current trends (and fads) of modern website design, most importantly the need for responsive, mobile first development (and, in fact, this website is responsive).

TRMN Member Database

UI/UX Design for The Royal Manticoran Navy association's member database web application.

Vaisala CMS "Next" Design

Interaction and Front End Design for Vaisala's next generation Continuous Monitoring System for environmental and industrial measurement devices.

Vaisala CMS "Next" Concepting

UI Concept Design for Vaisala's next-generation Continuous Monitoring System for environmental and industrial measurements.

CA API Portal "Next"

UI Concept Design for CA Technologies' next generation Cloud Hosted API Security Portal Service.

CA API Portal Personas

Persona Design for CA's next generation cloud hosted version of Layer 7 Technologies' API Portal software. (CA aquired Layer 7 in May 2013)

Syscon Justice "Arbutus"

UI Concept Design for "Arbutus" - Syscon Justice System's Next Generation Offender Management System.

CGTV Games Registration

Interaction Design for a new registration process to be used within CGTV Games's online casino software.

CGTV Games Lobby Client

Interaction Design for a new version of CGTV Games' "Lobby Client" software for online casino games


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