Persona Design   

Persona Design for CA's next generation cloud hosted version of Layer 7 Technologies' API Portal software. (CA aquired Layer 7 in May 2013)

Project Details
Sep 2013–Nov 2013

This project arrose serindipitously during the last few months of my original contract with CA/Layer 7. Shortly after Layer 7 was aquired by CA a strategic decision was made to drop some existing projects and to ramp up development on their planned "next generation" cloud hosted version of of Layer 7's API Portal software. Although dedicated to another project that was also continiuing it was possible to provide some extra user experience assistance to the API Portal project through the creation of first-draft provisional personas.

The personas were provisional as the only available data was from marketing research and discussions with internal subject matter experts. CA/Layer 7 was advised to obtain more data from current and potential users to validate what could be provided.

Project Images

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