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UI Concept Design for "Arbutus" - Syscon Justice System's Next Generation Offender Management System.

Project Details
Apr 2011–Jul 2012

The "Arbutus" project was a complete re-architect and redesign of Syscon Justice System's Offender/Detention Management software, as they wished to switch from their existing, arcane and overly complex Oracle Forms application to a modern, simplified, Web Application. Syscon hired me as their first ever UX pracill titioner and given full responsibility for conceiving a UI framework concept and information architecture for the application and then working within it to create task flow diagrams and wireframes for specific features. Syscon later brought in a second UX designer to focus on visual design mockups with whom I collaborated closely through rapid, agile, feedback cycles so as to ensure the mockups and wireframes remained firmly in synch.

Project Images

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