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UI/UX Design for The Royal Manticoran Navy association's member database web application.

Project Details
Nov 2016–Present

The  Royal Manticoran Navy (TRMN) is the official fan association of the Honor Harrington series of novel by author David Weber. It is a non-profit organization with a global member base that is headquartered in the USA but run by it's members. The association has a website, a member wiki, and a member database web application. Each was developed by a different group of volunteers with different levels of UI design knowledge, UX best practices, and without reference to consistent design guidelines. This resulted in a set of web properties that did not match one another, had poorly organized information architectures, and presented unfriendly user experiences. As an active member of the TRMN I volunteered to assist with these issues as an experienced UI/UX Designer.

The current focus of the project is the creation of design guidelines for their Web-based Member Database Application, with an eye to developing a general design that could eventually be applied across all web properties, giving them a consistent look and feel so that they obviously belong to the same organization. Later phases of the project will involve review and update of the information architecture on the website, the front end design (CSS3 & HTML5) to acheive the design guidelines for each web property, and an assessment and redesign of web application functionality using user centered design methodologies.

Currently, I have created several high-fidelity UI concept mockups for MEDUSA, the TRMN Member Database web application. Work on concepts for the website UI is currently ongoing.

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