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UI Concept Design for Vaisala's next-generation Continuous Monitoring System for environmental and industrial measurements.

Project Details
Apr 2014–Dec 2014

In this project, I created several, low-fidelity wireframes and medium-fidelity prototypes as part of an investigation into options for a new, modern, UI design concept for the next generation of Vaisala's Continuous Monitoring System software. The focus of the project was to discover how the UI of a very technical product might best be updated to make it easier to use and thus more appealing to small and medium size businesses and was facilitated by the availability of extensive high-level conceptual planning and user research Vaisala had done during the previous year.

During the first phase of the project, I created three, unique, low-fidelity wireframes and presented them to stakeholders and existing users for feedback. Each different concept, code named after a mythological weather god, was designed to present information and enable activities using very different interaction paradigms. In the final phase of the project, the feedback from the first three concepts was used to identify elements that were most useful and desired and I designed a final concept that synthesized these elements together as a medium-fidelity dynamic prototype. Low-fidelity wireframes were created using Balsamiq Mockups. The medium-fidelity dynamic prototype was implemented using Axure.

  • Concept: Aeolus (Greek God of Winds)
    • Left hand, vertical navigation bar using large icons
    • Right side "Feed" sidebar for alarms, events, and user activities
    • Overview page with a dismissible "Getting Started" panel and a dynamic map for sites
  • Concept: Njord (Norse God of the Sea, Seafaring, and Wind)
    • Text based horizontal tab navigation
    • Stepped Task flow for accomplishing activities
    • Alarms panel with two viewing options
      • Cards with pop up details
      • Table with expanding rows for details
  • Concept: Vayu (Hindu Lord of the Winds)
    • Windows 8 Metro UI inspired design
    • Horizontal rather than vertical scrolling content
    • Large "hit" space with big icons
    • Entry page supports user customization
  • Concept: Fujin (Japanese God of the Winds)
    • Synthesizes elements from the first three concepts that resonnated well with stakeholders and members of the existing user base.
    • This concept was ultimately selected as the initial basis for the final viewLinc 5 UI.

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