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Interaction and Front End Design for Vaisala's next generation Continuous Monitoring System for environmental and industrial measurement devices.

Project Details
Jan 2015–Present

For this project, I created feature design wireframes, wrote detailed interaction design documentation, and implemented custom web application theming for the next generation of Vaisala's continuous monitoring system web application for environmental and industrial measurements. Initial design wireframes were informed by the results of UI Concept design work completed the previous year (see related projects below) and iteratively revised based on feedback from customers, stakeholders and quality assurance. Wireframes were created using Balsamiq Mockups. Detailed interaction design documentation was initially written based on approved wireframes so that the quality assurance team would have early access to a reasonably accurate guideline for testing, and then later updated with screenshots as development implemented each feature so that official documentation provided to future clients auditing the software would be as accurate as possible.

This application was also the pilot project for new corporate web application style guidelines. The web application theming had to be developed from scratch and was implemented using SASS and the Theming support for the Ext-js Javascript Application Framework provided by Sencha Architect IDE.

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